Leonie, Southport

“I retired from my job in the NHS in 2012. I had no idea what to do with my retirement lump sum. It wasn’t a vast amount, but I wanted it to be invested wisely.

One of the independent advisers that I met on a pre-retirement course recommended Ainsworths Panacea to me, so I got in touch.

I was contacted by Ian Duffy who arranged to come and see me to discuss what Ainsworths could provide. I was impressed that, although the amount I had to invest was relatively modest, Ainsworths had fielded a Managing Director to introduce the company to me and manage my portfolio going forward.

Ian was particularly keen to understand my views on risk and my requirements for investment. After a structured process, capably aided by Ian, I reached a decision on how I would like to invest. I have been happy with my decision since that time.

During the seven or so years that I have been with Ainsworths, Ian Duffy has been in regular contact. He has undertaken annual reviews to see whether my circumstances have changed and to check that I am happy with how the portfolio is performing. He is keen to ensure that I am getting maximum value and benefit from my investments. He is also quick to offer reassurance when the markets take a downward turn.

I could not ask for a better service. Highly recommended.”

Peter, Blackpool

“Having never previously received financial planning advice, I was somewhat sceptical before my wife and I had a meeting with Mr Dave Boothman of Ainsworths Panacea. However, I am now delighted that we had that first informal meeting.

Dave looked at our financial position with regard to retirement planning. He took into consideration our current financial position, age, attitude to risk, current earnings and our estimated costs in retirement.

Based on the above, we received recommendations at a further meeting, along with clear costs. Everything was put in writing, so we could peruse the information in our own time.

We took up the recommendations and the performance of the funds that were chosen is working well. It’s great to have an experienced adviser looking after a large part of my portfolio. I can leave it to the expert.

At no part of the process was there any hard sell. I could have walked away at any time.”

Hilary, Lancashire

“I’ve been paying into my private pension every month for most of my working life, without giving retirement a second thought. But as the time is drawing nearer, I find it a scary prospect. I have wondered how I will manage without a wage coming in.

This is where an independent Financial Adviser has become more important.

Ian has an excellent, easy-to-understand way of guiding someone like me through the process of getting to grips with their finances.

As I have been so focused on saving money over the years, it’s refreshing to be told it’s okay to spend some!

Ian gives advice in a clear and positive way. He has made me ‘think outside the box ‘, with great results, and I feel more confident in managing my financial affairs. It’s good to know that the same advice will continue over the years to come.”

C & B Pearson

“We have been very pleased with the financial services provided by Panacea. Their financial experts are very hands-on and take a structured approach to personal wealth management. From the initial analysis of our finances and ongoing needs, through a comprehensive planning process, Panacea have managed our funds well, consistently outperforming alternative services to optimise our financial requirements. We highly recommend their services.”

Mr & Mrs Bould, Blackburn

“David was recommended to us by an accountant friend and I have been extremely pleased with the financial investment and advice offered.

David is a knowledgeable professional who is able to give informed advice on investments, financial planning and a range of other personal planning issues i.e.  Wills, Power of Attorney etc.

David is extremely personably and approachable.  He is more than willing to repeatedly explain and answer whatever questions you have in whatever detail you prefer.    Through regular meetings David will provide detailed verbal and written feedback  and at a range of levels depending on your need. This is ideal for my husband who understands and follows the ‘markets’ and prefers more in depth feedback on investments. However, if like me, your interest, knowledge and understanding of stocks, shares and investments is extremely limited and you just want ‘bottom line’ figures David will accommodate your needs as well. He was extremely helpful when giving advice to my elderly 92 year old mother.  David is an effective communicator and always ensures you have enough information to make your own informed decisions.

I would highly recommend David to anyone.”

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